In Matera, millions of years ago, there was the sea. Then he retired leaving stone and light. That memory of water and salt, today, inspires the cuisine of the Palazzo del Duca Restaurant.

Each dish, here, is the perfect balance between land and sea, traditions and research, proximity and distant worlds. Because the kitchen of Palazzo del Duca is constantly moving. Like the waves of the sea.

Chef Mario David: memory and creativity

Everything comes from the hands and vision of chef Mario David. After working around the world, Mario David returned to his homeland to put in his dishes experiences, and discoveries of 40 years of experience.

For Mario, cooking is memory and experimentation, rigor and creativity, technique and emotion. His recipes enhance the genuineness of the flavors of Basilicata with a surprising and always innovative perspective. The good comes from the meeting of past andfuture.

Every morning, Mario David back from the contryside to collect seasonal products. It is a tribute to its territory and the rural culture of Basilicata. Only in this way, with the certainty of using genuine ingredients, it is possible to innovate and evolve.

Cave or stars?

The Palazzo del Duca Restaurant is a place of beauty. The thousand-year-old beauty of the cave that houses the interior spaces and the romantic Sassi that wraps lunches and dinners outside.

Intimacy, hospitality and elegance are the ingredients at km 0 of the Palazzo del Duca Restaurant. To give guests a sensory experience that nourishes the body and spiri


Forme, colori e atmosfere.

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The restaurant is closed on Mondays for lunch only and on Wednesdays.

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